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LENTO debut album out now

"Earthen" is the title of the upcoming first album of LENTO, which has been released on Supernatural Cat. Seven incredible songs create a massive atmosphere mixing ambient with hardcore, postrock with psychedelia, all under unbelievable concrete riffs. Under a wide range of influences including seminal bands such as Neurosis, Earth, Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor, LENTO create a personal sound we could define as "Heavy Ambient".

"Earthen" has been recorded in Roma at Locomotore studio (dalek, zu, ardecore, nobukazu takemura, mats gustaffson, original silence, xabier iriondo, michael zerang, dogon and many more...). LENTO is an instrumental five piece act, 3 guitars, bass and a drumkit. LENTO's tone is a blend of heavily down tuned guitars, apocalyptic slow tempos, systematic drones and resonant feedbacks, their live sets alternate from hardcore assaults to intimate collapses of the signals.

"Earthen" out now in a first limited edition run of 500 cd handmade printed by Malleus Rock Art Lab.