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LEAF HOUND unleash new album!

Few rock albums have achieved greater cult status than LEAF HOUND's "Growers of Mushroom" and few rock singers have achieved and maintained the 'rock god' attitude and stage presence of its lead vocalist, Pete French.

In early 2004, aware of the growing cult status the music of LEAF HOUND had achieved, Pete French [who later went on to play with Atomic Rooster, Cactus & Randy Pie] was persuaded to get a new version of Leaf Hound together.


"We recorded a new album", says Pete French, "and it will be called 'Unleashed' and features myself with the new players Luke Raynor on lead guitar, Ed Pearson on bass guitar and Jimmy Rowland on drums, so we are not a five piece but a four piece band. We hope to have the new album finished sometime earlier this year."


"The titles of some of the new compositions that will be featured on it are:

One Hundred and Five Degrees

Nickles and Dimes

Stop Look and Listen


Bold and Easy

Too Many Rock & Roll Times

Thought Police

Breakthrough [our version of an Atomic Rooster's composition]

Freelance Fiend[recorded live at the Borderline club].


And possibly another track added which we are still at present composing.


"The track 'Freelance Fiend' is featured in the latest Neil Jordan film 'Breakfast on Pluto.' Also there will be a special very limited vinyl edition of LEAF HOUND released next month on the 'Rise Above label' featuring just two tracks: 'Too Many Rock 'n Roll Times' and 'Freelance Fiend' [recorded live at the Borderline Club] London."


LEAF HOUND will be playing the 11th Roadburn Festival, set for Saturday, April 22, The 013, Tilburg, Holland.