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LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR Launch Record Label; Announce Album, Video and Tour Details

Emerging from the caustic burrows of Chicago comes the monolith of metal known as LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, a sonic “fuck you” to the current trends and sub-genres of metal who carry the torch of metal’s roots (Celtic Frost, Slayer, Motorhead) with a death breath of fresh air, and spitting gas on the flames.

The Greek mythology-inspired carnage continues on LOTM's upcoming fourth full-length, 'Evil Power'. The CD and digital download will be released on April 13, 2010 on The Grind-House Records, an independent record label started by Steve Rathbone, Chris Wozniak (both from LOTM) and Josh Diebel (former head of Alleysweeper Records). The record will be distributed by Southern Lord Records, who have released the band's previous three albums on CD and vinyl, two EPs and DVD.

'Evil Power' lays all in its path to waste with an approach as heavy as the Kraken, while showing off the band’s heavy rock and punk influences. A deluxe LP version will be released in late summer 2010, featuring a bonus track not available on CD or digital download. Check out the Scott Jackson cover art, and hear the track 'We Are Hades' at the band's MySpace page now: http://www.myspace.com/lairoftheminotaur.

'Evil Power' CD tracklist:

1. "Attack the Gods"

2. "Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers"

3. "Riders of Skullhammer, We Ride the Night"

4. "Evil Power"

5. "Goatstorm"

6. "Hunt and Devour"

7. "Metal Titans"

8. "Blood From the Witch’s Vein"

9. "We Are Hades"

10. "Death March of the Conquerors"

11. "The Violent Iron Age of Man"

The album was recorded in the dead of winter in Chicago at Semaphore Studios by Sanford Parker, and mastered by Scott Hull. Rathbone states, “If 'War Metal Battle Master' was the war, 'Evil Power' is the party after a bloody victory.” The album features new bassist, Nate Olp (vocalist/bassist of Demiricous) and guest backing vocals by General Diabolical Slaughter (Usurper), bringing mucho mayhem to the fold.

A new video for the title track, 'Evil Power', will be released with the album. Rathbone warns, “There will be blood! This video is unrelentingly brutal.” Directed by Ryan Oliver, the special effects master behind the 'War Metal Battle Master' video and head of Chicago based Deathblow Productions. His credits include The Toolbox Murders and Among the Dead. The video's horror theme graphically details the torment of some unlucky virgins, sacrificed to the mighty Minotaur. An uncut version will be available on the web (also in HD), and a TV edit will be shown on MTV2/Headbangers Ball, Fuse and On Demand. Coinciding with the release, the band is headlining a U.S. tour through the Midwest and East Coast in April. Here are the dates.