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LAHAR finished recordings for 'Oxen Of The Sun'

From Gustav:

We finished the recordings of our next / first album last week.


The instruments were recorded two weeks earlier. Last week we put the vocals on tape. The title of the album will be 'Oxen of the sun'. We recorded the following tracks:


- Days of Doom

- Oxen of the sun

- Tectonic Revolution

- Terrors in the whale

- 031045

- It is Death

- There be giants

- The apocalypse machine


We're really happy about how the recording worked out for us. The basic recordings sound very heavy already, things can only get better from here.


We recorded everything at The Potsound studio under supervision of Edwin Pot. There's also a guest appearance but we'll keep that a secret for now. Edwin will do the mixing in the next couple of weeks. And we'll have to see what happens after that.