JPT Scare Band Celebrate 420 Day With New Song and Video

After more than 3 solid months of 'Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden', holding down a top 5 spot in CD’s Extended Jam Category, legendary acid rockers, JPT Scare Band come roaring back with a blitzing assault on their newest single, 'Long Day'. Featuring the sizzling guitar work of Terry Swope, 'Long Day', tears through more than 7 minutes of searing guitar leads, massive bass riffs, and mammoth drum jamming, all in the definitive JPT Scare Band style.

To make things even more appropriate, JPT Scare Band and Ripple Music will release the single and world-premiere of the psychedelic video on April 20, 2011, National Weed Day. The term 420 originated from a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School in California in 1971. The teens met after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke out at the Louis Pasteur statue. Since then, the date has become legendary in the Stoner Rock community. An ethos JPT Scare Band embraces whole heartedly.

After years of plying their frenzied, hard-rocking, acid blues trade in near obscurity, the love and accolades keep pouring in for JPT Scare Band. Classic Rock Magazine honored JPT by including their last single 'Not My Fault' on their November cover-mounted CD. After previously naming JPT Scare Band one of the “lost pioneers of heavy metal,” Classic Rock continued the love fest proclaiming that “JPT Scare Band plied a terrifying form of ear-bludgeoning hard rock that was so far ahead of its time, people are still trying to catch up.”

The world premiere of the hard-rocking, definitively heavy psych video for 'Long Day' made its debut April 20th exclusively at The Obelisk. You can find the video here: The Obelisk.

'Long Day' will be available as a digital single from CD Baby and all fine digital music emporiums. Meanwhile, 'Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden' is still available in limited quantities from Ripple Music in two-toned, gatefold, double-LP with two bonus tracks, Deluxe digipack CD, or digital at