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Joe Bonamassa : "Working with Ozzy was a feather in my cap"

In a brand new, exclusive interview conducted by Rock N Roll Universe (www.rocknrolluniverse.com), hard rocking blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa discussed working on "For What It's Worth", the cover version of the Buffalo Springfield classic recorded for Ozzy Osbourne's recent 'Prince Of Darkness' box set.

During the interview Bonamassa also compared the difference between working with ex Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner in comparison to his own blues based work. An excerpt from the interview follows:


RNRU : Recently you worked with Ozzy Osbourne on a cover of the Buffalo Springfield song "For What It's Worth," for his 'Prince Of Darkness' box set. How did you get hooked up with Ozzy, and how was that experience for you?


JB : Well, he just called me out of the blue, and said, "You want to play on the Ozzy record?" I was like "Sure." I'd just got home from the tour, I answered the phone, and he asked me if I wanted to play on it. It was a really, really good experience. It was one of those things, to be on a record, where for all intents and purposes blues guitar players are generally not invited. (Laughs) It was a good feather in my cap. I like the way the track came out, I really, really enjoy the way it came out.


RNRU : Was there ever a time when you actually sat down with Ozzy and worked out what he wanted you to play on the track?


JB : No, I didn't even sit with him, I just sat with the producer. I just went to the studio in L.A., I was there for maybe two hours and played the whole thing.


RNRU : You've also done session work with Joe Lynn Turner on his 'Holy Man' and 'JLT' albums. How does working in a melodic metal vein compare to your own work for you?


JB : Oh, it's totally different. It's 180 degrees from what I normally do, but I enjoy playing different styles. It's better for me to guest on somebody else's record than to try and vary up what I've been doing. Our fans kind of dig what we've been doing. It's nice just to be able to go out and basically be able to play other types of music and not have any pressure to almost explain it, and justify why you did. I just do it because I like to have some fun.


To read the entire interview go to this location: http://www.rocknrolluniverse.com/rocknrolluniverse_337.htm