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IRON MAN and JEX THOTH Confirmed For Doom Shall Rise Festival 2010

Finally, Maryland's IRON MAN will be in Germany for the first time since the band has been formed in the late 1980's. IRON MAN released two albums in the mid-90's for Hellhound Records, but the roots of the band reach back to the late 70's. Their new album 'I Have Returned' is definitely one of the best doom metal releases in 2009. Here's the final billing for Doom Shall Rise VII on April 9 & 10 2010:


40 Watt Sun (UK)

Argus (USA)

Doomshine (GER)

Grieving Age (SAUDI ARABIA)

Iron Man (USA)

Isole (SWE)

Jex Thoth (USA)

Kodiak (GER)

Magma Rise (HUN)

Mourning Beloveth (IRE)

Nomadson (MALTA)

Orodruin (USA)

Rituals of the Oak (AUS)

shEver (CH)

The 11th Hour (NL)

Unsilence (UK)


More infos at: www.doomshallrise.de