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IRON GIANT Wins Award for Loud Recording of the Year! (2009 ECMA'S)

Canada’s East Coast is not somewhere that is typically associated with heavy metal music, but that changed this past weekend at the 2009 East Coast Music Awards in Corner Brook Newfoundland when Moncton New Brunswick’s IRON GIANT were the first artist ever to receive the ‘Loud Recording of the Year’ award. Their latest album ‘Creator of Scars’, which was released in May 2008 on Diminished Fifth Records, beat out some tough competition including their label mate Gallactus, as well as Halifax’s Shelter With Thieves and Fredericton’s Holophonic Porno.

The category was just introduced this year after their record label Diminished Fifth Records organized a petition and lobbied to have the category introduced into the East Coast Music Association. The award was accepted, in Corner Brook by Josh Hogan, who runs the bands record label. “It is amazing that we have this category to begin with and an incredible honour that a Diminished Fifth artist was the first to receive the award.” said Hogan. “This is a true win for the entire East Coast... I grew up in Prince Edward Island and now run Diminished Fifth Records in Nova Scotia, IRON GIANT are from New Brunswick and the award was handed out in Newfoundland so all four of the Atlantic provinces are represented!” Like Hogan, the band was more then enthused to receive the award. "We’re glad to bring home the first ever Loud award to Moncton Rock City, where we hope it'll stay!!" added Chris Lewis, vocalist for IRON GIANT.

IRON GIANT came together in 2000 bringing together members of some of Moncton’s finest musicians from bands like the Monoxides and Mood Cadillac. The band has released two albums to date: Creator of Scars (2008 - Diminished Fifth Records) and No Longer Sleeping (2002 - 12th Planet Records) and is currently sponsored by Jagermeister Music Canada.



Chris Lewis (Vocals)

Jon Flanagan (Drums)

PJ Dunphy (Bass)

Shaun Crawford (Guitar)


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