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IRON CLAW Unleash New Single 'Final Hour'; Debuting New Singer

Capping off a year that found Scotland's Iron Claw being hailed as the Rock n’ Roll comeback story of the Decade, Iron Claw has roared back to build upon the momentum and notoriety gained in 2011.

Rightly hailed as one of the silent legends, the pioneers of British Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, with their Ripple Music debut, 'A Different Game', Iron Claw proved that their role in Rock history shall never go unspoken again. A hard biting, bluesy album found the band re-energized and vibrant on their first ever official releases.

After separating with vocalist Gordon Brown, Iron Claw conducted an extensive, nationwide search to find their new lead singer, Dumphries native, Gary Hair, then immediately ducked into the studio to put their new vocal chords to work. Now, having emerged fully refreshed, revitalized and a bit meaner, Iron Claw are ready to unleash their new single, 'Final Hour' onto a rock-loving world. As bassist Alex Wilson puts it, Gary brings a "heavier direction to the band, more hard rock energy and passion. This should mark a return to an even heavier, rockier Iron Claw sound." A sound befitting of a band that has rightly become legendary among underground metal fans.

As a special bonus, Ripple Music and Iron Claw have teamed up with The Soda Shop, to present and exclusive premiere of 'Final Hour' and the video, streaming on The Soda Shop website. And for 24 hours only, on March 15th, 'Final Hour' can be downloaded from The Soda Shop for free. Click here.

Don't miss out on your chance to catch this latest chapter in the ongoing rock and roll history that is Iron Claw. Check out 'Final Hour' here, and download it for free on March 15th. And don't forget to check out 'A Different Game', still available on Ripple Music and world-wide through Nail Distribution, Code 7 Distribution, Clearspot International and at the label’s web store.