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I'm Better Than Everyone to release EYEHATEGOD vinyl

New Orleans' EYEHATEGOD have spent the last two decades at odds with a corrupt music industry, using their music as a proverbial middle finger aimed at everything from government officials to sanctimonious shitheads hiding behind organized religion. They have defied all odds and continue to exist and persist despite personal and professional setbacks, from drug addiction to natural disasters. In the midst of all this turmoil EYEHATEGOD have become the high water mark when it comes to "sludge metal," having birthed rock's unholy bastard feasting on the teat that Black Sabbath and Black Flag built. They became the cornerstone for countless of sonic acolytes following in their fetid footsteps and continue to inspire bands around the world.

'Confederacy of Ruined Lives' is their fourth and latest studio album, released in late 2000. I'm Better Than Everyone Records is extremely proud and honored to collaborate with EYEHATEGOD and finally give this a vinyl release, the way it was intended to be heard, without compromises nor excuses: A beautiful fuck you to all the non-believers. 'Confederacy of Ruined Lives' is slated for an August release. Stay tuned for further details.