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REALMBUILDER - Fortifications of the Pale Architect LP

From the very beginning, the two warriors who comprise Realmbuilder had a different, idiosyncratic vision for epic heavy metal. They were influenced by a horde of diverse bands but were determined to follow their own path and do something that was simultaneously earnest and fantastical.

The goal for their second, current album was simple: Take their established aesthetic and craft better songs. Write. Refine. Rehearse. Chisel. Sculpt. Reach higher. Paint a bigger canvas. Make the swords sharper. Build more vivid worlds. They discarded songs that were not compelling enough to land on the finished album and then chiseled the remainder for the major part of a year. Realmbuilder was determined to make a record that was superior to their debut, an album that would surpass even the high expectations of their fans — a harder, darker album with sharper performances, tastier riffs, richer production values and wider landscapes. That album is entitled 'Fortifications of the Pale Architect'. It is the ambitious and mature follow-up to their acclaimed debut, and the members of the band stand confidently behind it. Blow the ancient horn!

More developed and perhaps doomier in approach the second album will be released on LP on February 7. Red vinyl limited to 400 copies. You can listen to two songs 'Highwayman' and 'Old Savage' on the band's Myspace (http://www.myspace.com/realmbuilder).

Fortifications of the Pale Architect Tracklist:
1. Highwayman
2. Fortifications of the Pale Architect
3. Old Savage
4. Ascend to the Glass Kingdom
5. Iron Wheels of the Siege Machines
6. A Conflict Between Dukes
7. The Stars Disappeared from the Sky When We Uncovered the Bones of the First Gods


Limited vinyl editions of DECREPITAPH's two full-lengths.

Classic old, heavy death metal (maybe even doom/death) sounding like it was recorded in 1990/91, back when death metal was about writing good/evil metal instead of the current trend with maximum speed and 432 riffs per song. Enjoyable for fans of Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Morgoth, Cancer, Necros Christos. The past is still alive!

The 2008 debut album 'Condemned Cathedral' is limited to 400 copies on blue vinyl, with extra A3 poster.

The 2010 album 'Beyond the Cursed Tombs' is limited to 400 copies on yellow vinyl, with extra A3 poster.

Release date for these is February 7th.