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I HATE Records announce new signings and releases!

- MAYHEMIC TRUTH album out now!


+ The spell has been broken, the curse has been lifted! - MAYHEMIC TRUTH – "In Memoriam" CD (IHR CD 014) is out now!

"In Memoriam" is here! After almost two years in the making, with countless of errors, misunderstandings and various other obstacles along the way, I Hate is now proud to present the MAYHEMIC TRUTH – "In Memoriam" CD (IHR CD 014)! The CD arrived on the 7th of November and is now distributed to all our patient customers (and to our impatient ones as well) with outmost haste.


The re-release of the much wanted MAYHEMIC TRUTH - "In Memoriam" CD (originally out in -99) is enhanced with the complete “Promotape 94”, previously not released in full on CD. 14 tracks in all on 64 minutes!  Despite being (admittedly) inspired by vintage BATHORY in the channeling of the  spirits of their Germanic ancestors MAYHEMIC TRUTH aren't sated with just rehashing Quorthon's idea's. Instead they add to, and even expand, the majestic aura that was ignited and set ablaze by the master. In fact, we believe that the only other act able to fathom and truly tap into the atmosphere created by Quorthon, and then later by Balor and Beliar, is the re-incarnation of MAYHEMIC TRUTH, namely MORRIGAN. In short, In Memoriam is a must for everyone into true Viking Metal with the right, ancient feel to it! For more info on the band: http://www.morrigan.org/index1024.htm


The track list for MAYHEMIC TRUTH - "In Memoriam" CD:

Intro, Lady Morgaine, When Thousand Candles Cry, Morrigan, Carrion Of War, Fire And Ice, Conspiracy Of The Golden Angels, Bluot Era Hathu, Cythraw, Hymn Of The Crow, And Only The Flames Remember To Long Forgotten Cries, God In Ruins (Your Blood Is Like An Ocean), Our Gateway Is An Rainbow, The Child Of Mayhem , *Manowar – Sign of the hammer*


+ New signings on I Hate!

We are thrilled to announce the signing of two new heavy weight monsters to the I Hate fold: THE GATES OF SLUMBER and FALL OF THE IDOLS!


THE GATES OF SLUMBER should, due to the merits of their colossal debut album The Awakening (Final Chapter) and their fantastic live appearance at DSR III, be a household name amongst you doomsters out there. For the ignorant: THE GATES OF SLUMBER started in 1998 as a backlash against the stoner rock trend prevalent at the time and their mixture of SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM and prime era CELTIC FROST has either crushed or converted unbelievers ever since. Their second album is due for an early June 2006 release. For more info: http://www.thegatesofslumber.com


FALL OF THE IDOLS are perhaps not a household name in the Doom Metal circuit yet but is destined to become one, rest assured. Spawned in the north of Finland in 2000 they have up till now released five Demo's and one self titled MCD and has been featured on Final Chapter’s A Dark World sampler. FALL OF THE IDOLS’s sound is not easy to pin point with total accuracy. Make no mistake, the foundation is solid Doom Metal, in the right sense of the word, and the spirits of CANDLEMASS and COUNT RAVEN lingers in the Finns bleak, hypnotic and cold soundscapes. Still there’s more to FALL OF THE IDOLS, for example a certain THE DOORS vibe is sometimes detectable. This is particularly evident in the vocal department due to singer Jyrki's way of using the late (but oh so great) Jim Morrison singing style in certain passages. Odd as it may seem this type of “psychedelic” vocals suit perfectly well to FALL OF THE IDOLS's chanting, sometimes even monotonous, dirges. Expect an album release filled to the brim with melancholy and sorrow in the spring of 2006. For more info: http://www.falloftheidols.com