I HATE mid-summer releases will be delayed!

Apparently the plant was unable to read from FOTI's master and a new one had to be sent in the last vibrating second. Also, some minor problems occurred with the TGOS layout that had to be solved and these two obstacles sets the release of all announced Doom items back a few weeks.


In addition THE PURITAN and us decided to put some more time into achieving a completely mind blowing sound to their MLP, thus we decided to prematurely release the ABYSMAL GRIEF – Mors Eleison MLP instead, sticking with the initial idea of unleashing 5 Doom items on the same date.


We are really sorry for this delay and sincerely apologize to all the people that have been waiting anxiously for these releases to come out. As things stand now we will have to aim for a mid July release. Hope you still are with us then and that you are willing to support us in our strife for True Doom Metal supremacy!


For more info on each release please have a look at our site: www.ihate.se