HYPNOS 69 reformed

"The Eclectic Measure", together with HYPNOS 69, ended with the song "Deus Ex Machina"; a well-considered solution has nevertheless not been found, but in this case, never say never again.

HYPNOS 69 will perform again. Dates can be found on the website or on the updated MySpace page. The order-by-mail-mailinglist-etc-emailaddress has been down for a while, but is in operational status again, so you can send any inquiries, orders, anything to hypnos69[at]gmail.com.


In these 6 months of absence we haven't just laid back and spent a million dollars. Steve produced first long-player entitled Quanah's Hunting Day of Belgian band Grant Moff Tarkin, a very fine combo with a lot of perspectives. Contributions from HYPNOS 69 saxophonist Steven, Tagueule guitarist Mick and Absynthe Minded organist Jan.


Recordings were made at Artsound Studios and release to be expected in May. Make sure to check 'em out! Another 'new' thing is Steve joining with GMT guitarist Huddie a bluesy Neil Young meets Jerry Garcia kinda band. A band name and related info will be announced soon. We'll meet again some sunny day.

Greetings S. April 2007