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HIGHWAY CHILD: New Album & Euro Tour

With the new self-titled third album, HIGHWAY CHILD travels back to the roots of the blues. This will be a dark and earthy journey that will probably surprise many fans. Some of the songs include banjos, harmonica, bottleneck as well as weird percussion intruments, as though the album has been recorded in Tom Waits' basement. Yet if you listen very carefully to the tunes, you're going to realize classic rock songs and irresistible pop hooks. The official release date is March 21, 2011 via Slowshark Records.

HIGHWAY CHILD have uploaded a new track for streaming on their Soundcloud page. Listen to 'Something New to Get Fooled By' at this place.

Furthermore, HIGHWAY CHILD will be on tour in Germany and Denmark between March and May. They share the stage with Baby Woodrose, Fuzz Manta, Been Obscene and Wrong Side Of Vegas. Go here to see the dates. This tour includes a live on air show at the radio station KenFM, where HIGHWAY CHILD will perfom new songs from the upcoming album.