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HELLBASTARD Signs Album & Mini-Album Deal With Selfmadegod Records

HELLBASTARD formed in the UK in 1984 playing non-compromising crossover, mixing the ferocity of punk with the crunch and chops of metal, and bearing socially-conscious lyrics. HELLBASTARD released the 'Natural Order' record on Earache in 1990 and released several demos, compilation tracks and remix collections.

After breaking up in 1993, HELLBASTARD reformed in 2008 with all guns blazing! They are back in action with 'The Need to Kill', available on limited edition LP from German label Civilisation Records. The renowned Polish label Selfmadegod Records will issue 'The Need to Kill' on CD, as well as the newly recorded Eco-War CD EP, in late October 2009.

'The Need to Kill' features six re-recorded HELLBASTARD ragers, while the six-track 'Eco-War' release includes a track originally on the band’s 1986 demo as well as a Slayer cover. After completing a headlining European tour, HELLBASTARD is currently on tour in the US with grind-crusties Resistant Culture through the rest of September.

'The Need To Kill' Tracklisting:

1. Cheyne Stoking

2. Going Postal

3. Anthropological Angst I

4. Stop Your Whining

5. Anthropological Angest II

6. Murder Workshop

7. Stressed

8. Fir Bolg, Bow to Slough Feg

9. My Best Friend Misanthropy

10. Business Pig Hole

11. Justly Executed (re-recording)

12. The Pylons (re-recording)

13. Afrikkan Beggar (re-recording)

14. They Brought Death (re-recording)

15. Heading for Internal Darkness (re-recording)

16. Death Camp (re-recording)

'Eco-War' Tracklisting:

1. Gone Postal (Reprise)

2. Sea Shepherd

3. Woe, The People

4. Massacre

5. Die By The Sword

6. Kick the Geordie