GRIFTER Update September 2010

We don't have much going on gig wise at the moment, though with some exciting developments hopefully that will be changing soon. We are happy to announce though that we will be hitting the studio in October to record our debut full length album at long last. We will also be recording a track for inclusion on a proposed split vinyl release being put together by the awesome Ripple Music label in America that will also be featuring Stone Axe, Sun Gods in Exile and Mighty High. Exciting times indeed!!! 

We have also made our latest EP on Catacomb Records, 'The Simplicity of the Riff is Key' availble to buy digitally on Bandcamp so for those of you hat prefer bit rates to shiny pieces of plastic now's your chance to grab a high quality download copy at a special low price. 

The 'Elephantine' demo and the 'High Unholy Mighty Rollin'' EP on Fury 76 are also available to download for free (or a small donation to the recording fund!!!) We will soon have a brand new dedicated website going live courtesy of our good buddy Lee from . This will feature music, pics, news...etc and our own webstore.

The nice folks at  have also given us our own forum so please feel free to head on over there and give us some much needed abuse 

That's all for now folks, more news coming soon