GRIFTER Preparing To Pummel World With 1st Full Length Album

Ripple Music is proud to announce the new Grifter self-titled CD is in the final throes of post-production and set for release on Tuesday, October 4th in the U.S. Originally formed in 2003, Grifter has spent the better part of the last decade spreading their blues-based, riff heavy rock 'n' roll message across the UK via live shows and a ton of physical and digital EP’s. Now, they’re ready to unleash their rip roarin’ good time on a world-wide level!

"Life ain't a bowl of work for "the man", pay taxes to "the man", obey "the man"...but when the working day is done, the rock and roll is all yours. Grifter play rock and roll!!!” states guitarist/vocalist Ollie Stygall on the mindset behind the new album and the bands musical intent, “We want you to buy our album. We want you to drink beer while listening to our album (or whiskey if you prefer). We want you to enjoy our album as much as we enjoyed creating it. Then we want to come to your town and play for you, play with you, drink with you and rock out with you...wherever you are and whoever you are. It's all about the rock!!!”

This gritty eleven track album is the bands first full-length effort with indie rock label Ripple Music, however, Grifter’s unique biker rock sound first appeared on the Ripple roster with their dual contribution to the 'Heavy Ripples, Vol. 1' compilation released earlier this year. To fill out the year, Grifter are performing numerous shows throughout the south of England, as well as preparing for a tour of UK and parts of Europe.

Pre-orders for the album will begin in September through the Ripple Music Store.