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GRIEF has disbanded - 7" record info & Maryland Death fest


I'm sorry to announce that GRIEF is no longer playing. We have disbanded or whatever. The last show we played was the Vienna Arena in Austria (I think I spelled those things right). Our reasons for disbanding are our reasons. We have chosen not to get into it but it may or may not include the following reasons.

- Jeff has finally become Rip Van Winkle and will be asleep for the next 50 years.

- Ray has finally eaten so much that he can not fit out of the door to his house and is unable to leave home.

- John has become so death metal that we' d have to actually be ghosts to jam with him and none of us feel like it.

- Eric finally became an actual dog and has not learned how to play bass or do artwork with his paws.

We will not be playing the Maryland Deathfest in May of 2009 also, re: the GRIEF 7" released during the Euro-tour, if you ran into the problem - please be patient as it is being looked into. It is not the fault of the band. Your patience is appreciated and we're sorry for anyone that this disappoints but whatever shit happens.

- Eric