Generated X proudly present...ELECTRIC MAGIC Vol. 1

In cooperation with various labels and bands, among them names like Buzzville or Bad Afro, we are proud to present our first download-sampler "Electric Magic". This shall be published regularly in the coming future and parallel to reviews and articles on our pages. The download is for free! In a mix of Heavy & Stoner, Psychedelic and all relative genres you will find some known and some more less-known "outsiders", who all truly deserve to get a lot more of your attention!!!

The first issue includes Cortez (USA), Kaross (Sweden), The Setting Son (Denmark), SEID (Norway), Fuzz Manta (Denmark), Ahkmed (Australia), Graveyard (Sweden), Mojo Jazz Mob (Germany), Skywise (Italy), The Magnificent Brotherhood (Germany), Pater Nembrot (Italy), 1000mods (Greece), Astrid Pröll (Puerto Rico) and Deville (Sweden).

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