GANDHI'S GUNN Sign With Small Stone Records

Isaak & Small Stone Records: A New Era.

"The Newer the Name, the Cooler the Label"

Gandhi's Gunn change their name and become ISAAK.

It's a new course, full of important choices starting with a very great news: a two-album worldwide contract with an American label. Scott Hamilton, founder and owner of Small Stone Records, the undisputed leader of worldwide heavy rock scene (responsible for the release of many albums by authentic icons as Acid King, Dozer, Los Natas, Sons of Otis, Solace, Might Could, Wo Fat, Five Horse Johnson, Skanska Mord and Dixie Witch among others), was enthusiastic about the project and sound of ex-Gandhi's Gunn and wanted the Genoese band in its roster.

"We are very proud to become part of the Small Stone family" the Ligurian band members say. "This label doesn't need any introduction and will surely provide us a worldwide visibility" continues the band "and this can only be the best possible start for a project that will give us huge satisfaction, for sure. We are proud of our hard work and progress so far. We are so pleased to have achieved such an important record recognition".

ISAAK have signed a contract that will provide for the remastered reissue of 'The Longer The Beard, The Harder The Sound' including some unreleased bonus tracks, and a new full lenght planned for the end of 2013. "We're going to be able to announce our first European tour supporting an important American band" the members of ex-Gandhi's Gunn also reveal "and we're also planning our first U.S. tour during 2013 under the aegis of Small Stone. In the meanwhile we've started writing the songs for our new album, that will hopefully be considered a starting point for a new era in our history.. so, after celebrating the record deal, the time has come to give life to ISAAK, a band born to win a place of honor in the Heavy Rock world"

Gandhi's dead. Isaak was born.