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FUZZ MANTA Had To Cancel Upcoming Tour Dates

"Due to acute serious illness, our guitarist Freddy had to undergo surgery earlier this week. He is out of the hospital again and doing well, but he will need some time to rest and recover. With only two weeks to go, there was unfortunately no way around cancelling the upcoming tour. We are very sorry for this, but we hope for your understanding. Luckily our good friends SHIVAS NAT have stepped in on very short notice to play these dates.

Nine out of 11 gigs were possible to save, and we hope that you will give this great psychedelic and jamming bass-guitar-drums-organ-quartet a warm welcome! Among the band members you find our previous bass player Morten, as well as Patrick, the singer from Highway Child. We ourselves hope to play Europe again in the fall, after the release of our new record 'The Stonewolf'. So keep an eye on this page, and we'll keep you updated".