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FORSAKEN on I Hate Records: A Grand Coalition of Forces

It is with great satisfaction and elation that I Hate Records (Sweden) and FORSAKEN (Malta) can now officially announce that they have reached agreement on terms, which shall see FORSAKEN releasing their forthcoming heavy, epic doom metal opus on I Hate Records.

The band’s next album on I Hate Records is planned for mid-2008 and the contract that FORSAKEN have etched with the label, also provides the option for the release of two further albums, thereby providing for a fruitful and mutually rewarding long-term relationship between both parties. Over recent years I Hate Records has emerged as one of the leading and most prolific record labels in doom metal and associated genres. The label’s versatile and engaging band roster (also including Pale Divine, Isole, Minotauri, Fall of the Idols, Centurions Ghost, Burning Saviours, Abysmal Grief, Evoken and The Gates of Slumber among others) provides strong testimony to all this. I Hate’s recruitment of Forsaken (undoubtedly, one of doom metal’s most consistent flag bearers of late) continues to underscore the label’s commitment to leave no stone unturned in its attempt to develop as an undisputed reference point for all doom metal aficionados.


Albert Bell, FORSAKEN’s erstwhile bassist and entrusted by his band mates (Leo Stivala – Vox, Sean Vokovic Guitars and Simeon Gatt – Drums) to lead the negotiations from the band front commented as follows on these recent events: "Following the demise of our previous label Golden Lake Productions (Scotland) last summer we have been relentlessly considering different pathways as regards to the future of the band label-wise. We are grateful to the various labels that approached the band with concrete offers for a recording contract, but after taking everything into account we strongly believe that signing with I Hate Records is the best possible move for FORSAKEN. The label’s track record for honesty, integrity, loyalty and stature in the true doom metal scene is second to none and we are convinced that I Hate is definitely the right label for FORSAKEN. While the business side of things is an imperative aspect to consider in such situations, there are other things of more paramount importance to take into account, namely the label’s loyalty and commitment and we feel convinced that I Hate in the person of both Ola and Peter satisfy such demands hands down. We are thus now looking forward to bring this grand alliance to realisation. Our next album will be the first step in this direction and we are already well underway in the song writing process…supporters can expect another slab of uncompromisingly heavy, epic doom metal. Anything else will be disrespectful to FORSAKEN’s heritage and is definitely not (nor will ever be) on the cards”.


Says Ola of I Hate: The signing of FORSAKEN to I Hate is a great triumph for our label, and for me personally, being a fan since way back. Forsaken has everything I look for in a band, and then some. As stunned and proud as I now feel, I also sense and recognize the due responsibility involved in working with an act as revered as FORSAKEN. Their seal of quality Epic Doom is untarnished and their fans have grown to expect, and to deserve, only the best. Still it is with great confidence, springing from the close and friendly contacts I have personally had with the band, and Albert in particular, I look forward to our future co-operation. Our sharing of thought and ideas and our mutual perspective on life has convinced me that we are in this more as friends and allies than mere business companions, and that’s what Metal, and Doom Metal in particular, should be about, I think! Put short: A Grand Coalition of Forces, indeed!