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FISTULA didn't break-up!

FISTULA has decided to continue on with a new drummer.

Joining FISTULA on the drums is Jason Corley. Jason has played drums for 16 (Curves That Kick, Preoccupied, Drop Out and the Scott Case CD),  TRENCHANT and MAXMILLION. FISTULA will begin writing new material early next year and plan on recording said material with Vince Burke at Sniper Studios in Virginia. http://www.shiftyrecords.com/fistula


SON OF JOR-EL (featuring members of FISTULA) working on new material. A split 7" with ERIC LARSON is in the works for release by Shifty, Heretic and Underdogma. http://www.stearnsdog.com/sonofjor-el/sonofjor-el.html