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FARFLUNG 'The Believe Module' On Vinyl For The First Time

Burning World Records and Alone Records are proud to present the third album in our quest to release great heavy rock classics on vinyl. After Trinacria’s 'Travel Now Journey Infinitely' and Stone Axe’s 'II' a US spacerock album will be given the vinyl treatment: FARFLUNG’s 'The Believe Module'.

The gatefolded 2LP, including a vinyl only bonus track, will be in stores November 1st 2010 and it will be sold on tour this fall. 'The Believe Module' was first released on cd in 1998. FARFLUNG is a unambiguous gem of clear sonic art; their music cuts through all musical, all kinds of miserable mental and emotional boundaries. In their wonder-worker songs they offer something perfectly unnamable essence of pure atmospherical pleasure with a deepest kind of esoteric and spiritual approaching, and all these emotional experiences contained in their music wonderfully fit to their great musical manifestations with hot, cool and exciting grooves and riffs. Click here for more infos.