Falling Down Webzine Starts Working On New Compilation

After the successful release of 'Falling Down Volume I' and 'Volume II' (featuring unreleased tracks from bands such as U.S. Christmas, White Hills, Gnaw Their Tongues, Knut, Farflung, Jucifer and many more), Falling Down webzine decided to release a third compilation that will be released in 2012. The title is 'Falling Down IIV' and once again there are only unreleased tracks.

The first confirmed bands are:

Mouth of the Architect (US)
Karma to Burn (US)
Julie Christmas (US)
Terra Tenebrosa (w/ ex-members of Breach) (SWE)
Year of No Light / Mars Red Sky (Special Collaboration - FR)
Hopewell (US)
Rosetta (US)
Black Sun (SCO)
Ahkmed (AUS)
Vanessa Van Basten (IT)
Sendelica (UK)
Ayahuasca Dark Trip (PER)
Ocoai (US)
The Winchester Club (UK)
Planning for Burial (US)
Vespero (RUS)
Rorcal (CH)
Ethereal Riffian (UKR)

The next bands will be announced very soon. Click here to watch a promo trailer directed by Julius Kleipool.

For more infos visit: http://fallingdownzine.blogspot.com