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FALCON will be releasing their second album

FALCON, the raw heavy rock power trio featuring guitarist/vocalist Perry Grayson (ex-Destiny's End, ex-Artisan, Isen Torr and Metal Maniacs scribe), bassist/keyboardist Greg Lindstrom (Cirith Ungol) and drummer Darin McCloskey (Pale Divine), will be releasing their second full-length CD, "Die Wontcha" in April 2008 on Liquid Flames Records.

The cover of "Die Wontcha," a full-color painting by renowned fantasy artist Virgil Finlay, can be viewed at

http://www.falconband.net and http://www.myspace.com/falconband

"We had some delays on the artwork front, but that's all been sorted out," Perry Grayson says. A clip of the new track "Careless" can be heard on the entrance page to FALCON's website and on their MySpace profile.

"Die Wontcha" was recorded at the Polar Bear Lair in Middletown, Maryland by Chris Kozlowski (Pentagram, Iron Man, Internal Void, Penance, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Clutch, Earthride, etc.) from October 21-29, 2006. Basic tracks (rhythm guitar, bass and drums) were recorded live, the same way FALCON tackled their 2004 debut album, adding to the spontaneous and vintage vibe inherent in the band's sound. The album was co-produced by FALCON and Chris Kozlowski.

The "Die Wontcha" track listing is:
01. Jimmy Clark
02. Elfland's Daughter
03. Corporate Whore
04. The Wreck of the John Deere (instrumental)
05. Falcon
06. No Future
07. Careless
08. Everything There Is To Know
09. Show You All
10. Leader (BUFFALO cover)

A specially remixed version of FALCON's cover of the Buffalo (Australia) song "Leader" will be appearing on the Buffalo tribute CD on Blood & Iron Records.