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EYEHATEGOD: Fort Worth Date Added To 2010 Winter Trek

Legendary NOLA sludge collective EYEHATEGOD, who recently announced a stretch of tour dates in support of nothing but the glory of hedonism and debauchery, have added a show in Fort Worth, Texas at The Rail Club on December 13th. Full itinerary here. See the band before they self-destruct.

Feedback from previous EYEHATEGOD shows:

"The slow riffs of Bower, Brian Patton and relatively new bassist Gary Mader sounded as though they were literally being strummed beneath the surface of a murky Louisiana swamp, such was their slow and powerful delivery. At times an energized ’80s hardcore stomp sped things up and broke up what would have otherwise been an exercise in monotony. It was a thunderous, distinctly southern kind of blues ’n doom poured through a punk-rock filter." -- Hellbound

"Featuring founding members Mike Williams on vocals, Joey LaCaze on Drums, prominent long time guitarists Brian Patton and Jimmy ‘fucking’ Bower, and bassist Gary Mader, EHG simply rained down blow after blow upon us... For the record and in my humble opinion EYEHATEGOD are now the heaviest band on the face of the planet right behind the Melvins, and that was proven without a shadow of any doubt on this particular night...." -- LPM Voice

"Wallowing in hatred and heeding one’s most destructive tendencies usually doesn’t bode well for longevity. For some reason it’s worked out — professionally at least — for EYEHATEGOD over the last twenty two years." -- Time Out Chicago

"One of the heaviest nights of my life." -- Crustcake

"A pit. I can’t even remember the last show I went to that had genuine pitting, but I guess when you specialize in the kind of nihilistic sludge malevolence EYEHATEGOD does, that kind of punk rock intensity coupled with addicted fuck-all, someone is bound to get punched in the face." -- The Obelisk