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ELDER Releases New Album 'Dead Roots Stirring'

Boston's ELDER has released its long awaited sophomore album 'Dead Roots Stirring' via MeteorCity Records. The follow up to the heavy-handed group's self-titled debut was recorded in Williamsburg, Massachusetts at Black Coffee Sound Studios (Black Pyramid, etc.) with Justin Pizzoferrero (Witch, Sonic Youth) and is set to deliver "a brick wall of aural tonnage" that should find immediate appeal with fans of Sleep / High on Fire, Electric Wizard, Colour Haze and Kyuss.

ELDER's sound - a hypnotizing combination of amp-melting power and outer space psychedelics -- has been called "immense" and described as "like Ufomammut f*cking Black Sabbath sideways." The album is now available from Itunes and other digital outlets. The CD is available to order now at this location: http://www.allthatisheavy.com/info.asp?item_num=ATH-8699

'Dead Roots Stirring' is not about down-tuning or as much fuzz as possible, it's about evoking the sort of heaviness that comes from dynamism, feeling and well-crafted melodies," said ELDER guitarist / vocalist Nick DiSalvo. "We're extremely excited to finally bring new material to light after such a long break." The music created by ELDER is "a sonic interpretation of the forces that surround us; the pounding waves of ancient seas, the weight of stone colossi rising up from the earth and the endlessness of inflamed, majestic skies."

Since the band's inception in 2006, ELDER has been continuously shapeshifting towards their roots in underground heavy music while also moving forward into more progressive and psychedelic realms. Now, with 'Dead Roots Stirring', ELDER returns from a three year silence with five powerhouse songs charting new epic territory.

The track listing for ELDER's Dead Roots Stirring is as follows:

1.) Gemini

2.) Dead Roots Stirring

3.) III

4.) The End

5.) Knot

In addition to DiSalvo, ELDER features bassist Jack Donovan and drummer Matt Couto.