EL-THULE: New Album Out Now

Five years after the previous 'Green Magic', the heavy-drug rockers EL-THULE are now back with a newfull-length album titled 'Zenit'. Recorded directly in the band's own studio, the record includes 12 brand new tracks and it’s considered as a concept-album based on the ancient legends that gave name to the stars and about the re-discovery of the union between world - human - life.

Determined to continue as a duo (after the departure of the historic founding member bass guitarist “El Comandante”), the band did a great job taking care of every single aspect of 'Zenit': from the artworks (full of symbolic illustrations) to the lyrics (for the first time entirely in Italian in order to sounds more heavy and with a deeper impact), passing through a new way to compose their own music.

'Zenit' promises to be a big step forward for a band that is always evolving its sound. The new songs are less dilated, more direct and spontaneous than the previous ones with a new “melodic” approach of the voice finally used as an additional instrument. The release of 'Zenit' will crown the 10th anniversary of the band too!!! 'Zenit' will be officially out in mid-March 2012 on the italian label Go Down Records and it will be supported by a huge tour in Italy and Europe!