EARTH FLIGHT To Enter Studio This Week

Hi everybody, there are some news for you from EARTH FLIGHT! First of all, we're about to spend a weekend in the studio to record another two or three songs. With 'By The Light Of The Moon', we'd then have enough material to launch a little pre-release in order to shorten the time until the release of our next album in the first quarter of 2010. You can still listen to 'By The Light Of The Moon' on .

Furthermore, we have to announce that Sabrina won't be with us in the studio. To our regret, she decided to leave the band and to dedicate herself to other things. We have to accept this decision and wish her all the best for the future!

During the past days, we have had a closer look at our stock and we have rummaged up the last ten (!) of our t-shirts that were considered as sold out! Those are, however, girlies only. So, girls and boys, hurry up! All sizes and colours are available up to now! You can own one of them for 10 € incl. postal charges! For more information:

Furthermore, we're looking for gigs from autumn on! After we had to take a forced break from live gigs due to the changings in our line-up, it's high time to come out and play live again! For requests contact us thru our homepage.


Tobi, Andi, Benny und Dudu - EARTH FLIGHT