Hey everybody! Some news from the EARTH FLIGHT CREW: 

1) European Seance Tour 2008

2) First demo songs on + new video

3) Bandnight with EARTH FLIGHT on radio AFK max  

***European Seance Tour 2008***  Next friday our this year's European Seance Tour with our finnish friends FALL OF THE IDOLS is going to start. We're looking forward to seeing you all there!  take a look at the dates in the Cosmic Lava tour section. More information on the tour and the individual dates on our purpose-built infopage:  

 ***First demo songs on + new video*** Right on time for the tour, we have released the demo recordings of two new songs. Until we will start with the actual studio recordings, you can get a first impression of "Tideland" and "By the light of the moon" on Have fun with the new songs! Over and above, there is a new live video of "Restless", recorded at the Bambole-Open-Air in Winterthur in August 08, on  

***Bandnight with EARTH FLIGHT on radio AFK max*** Next Tuesday we are going to be on radio AFK max because we won the Regional-Charts last month. Now they invited us to the Bandabend (Bandnight-Show, at 18 o clock). You can listen to the live stream on   

Cheers. EARTH FLIGHT   Homepage: