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Earache Records Signs HOUR OF 13

Earache Records has announced the signing of North Carolina's HOUR OF 13 to a worldwide recording deal.

HOUR OF 13 has built up a formidable reputation in underground circles with its potent brand of occult-inspired doom-laden metal. The band recently performed its debut show at the Dublin Doom Day festival in Ireland, to rapturous response. HOUR OF 13 will play its first U.S. show in New York on October 16. Commented guitarist and founder Chad Davis: "We, HOUR OF 13, are proud to have become part of the Earache Records legacy. The support the label has shown to a host of influential bands over the years has been essential to the growth of real, original music, and we could not be more pleased to have become one of those bands. This is a monumental step for HOUR OF 13, and we're glad to have Earache on our side."

Earache will re-release HOUR OF 13's last album, 'The Ritualist', in early 2011.