DUSTED ANGEL Rock Out At Historic Skate Event

Santa Cruz doomsters DUSTED ANGEL were invited to play at a historic skateboarding landmark last weekend as the Buena Vista skate pool was unearthed for a day of hardcore skating. The pool is part of DUSTED ANGEL's heritage; a famous landmark dating back nearly 40 years, where early pro skateboarders helped bring the concept of pool skating to the public's attention. Frontman Clifford Dinsmore stated "When Dave Freil from NHS/Santa Cruz, barged our practice the night before the contest, and asked us to play, it was an honor that no Santa Cruzian could possibly refuse!"

After being physically buried under gravel and dirt for years (the last time it was uncovered was 2001), the pool was unearthed for one special day of hardcore skating, boozing, good times and of course, DUSTED ANGEL jamming out in the midst of it all. "The mayhem that ensued was light-years beyond classic" Dinsmore continues. "We became the soundtrack for an irreplaceable day in time. No fights, no bullshit, and some of the most aggro skating ever witnessed at one of the most hairball pools in the history of this fucked up earth." The pool is to be re-buried again this week, making this one day a true landmark in skateboarding history.

Check out a video of the event here: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=451309518&blogId=513353033

DUSTED ANGEL's lineup features members of Bl'ast, Spaceboy, Gargantula and more. Featuring three sludged-out rock anthems mixed by Billy Anderson, the band's debut 7" will be released on November 17th. Corruption Recordings, who is releasing the record, is now exclusively distributed by Relapse Records. Other upcoming DUSTED ANGEL shows:

10/10/2009 Black Club - San Jose, CA

10/17/2009 El Rio - San Francisco, CA w/ Ludicra, King City

10/18/2009 The Blue - Santa Cruz, CA w/ The Accused, Serpent Crown, Teraton

11/14/2009 Brittania Arms - Cupertino, CA w/ Mudface, Scorched Earth, Six Ounce Gloves

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"...a great mix of Acid King like sludge metal, energetic High On Fire stoner rock, and slow, sun burnt and desolate, crispy desert rock in the likes of Earth’s recent works." - LordsOfMetal.nl

"...we're talking Saint Vitus for Black Flag heads, we're talking galloping stoner riffs, raw throats, proper old school metal..." - Organart.com