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DUSTED ANGEL Record Release Shows Confirmed

'Earth Sick Mind', the thunderous debut full-length from Santa Cruz doom rockers DUSTED ANGEL, is finally upon us and set for release on Tuesday, October 12, 2010. The crushing 7-track attack of 'Earth Sick Mind' was captured in San Francisco by sludgemonger Billy Anderson (High on Fire, Neurosis, Sleep) in April, and will be released next week by Mankind Records, a division of Revelation Records. A solid year and a half of touring and west coast gigs have the members of DUSTED ANGEL conditioned to jam tighter than ever, building upon the rocking hardcore-meets-stoner/doom dynamics fans of the band already love, and taking these songs to massive new levels of crushing groove.

In celebration, DUSTED ANGEL will perform at a pair of Bay Area record release shows this month. The first show takes place in San Francisco on October 15th just days after the album's release, where DA will be playing alongside Dischord Records hardcore legends Scream! The following week the band hit their hometown Santa Cruz legions hard, playing alongside Christian Mistress and Thrones who are currently touring the US together.

DUSTED ANGEL Record Release Shows:

10/15/2010 Thee Parkside - San Francisco, CA w/ Scream, Dead Meat

10/27/2010 Blue Lagoon - Santa Cruz, CA w/ Christian Mistress, Thrones

DUSTED ANGEL contains members of skatecore legends Bl'ast, metal experimentalists Spaceboy, corrosive sludge metal act Gargantula and more. All longtime friends from time spent in previous bands, or just from growing up in the Santa Cruz skate/surf/slam scene together for the past 20 years, brought DUSTED ANGEL together in 2008. They've done nothing but rock your face off ever since...


"...no doom fan should miss out on Dusted Angel. As classic and downright airtight as their take on the heavy blues is, there’s still a lot of hardcore vitriol and fist-pumping metal erupting from every orifice of Earth Sick Mind." - Hellride Music

"Seven slow to mid-paced songs with plenty of huge, infectious riffs, a thick production with a nicely audible bass, hard hitting percussion, and a gruff wail from vocalist Clifford Dinsmore all come together to produce a solid stoner metal album." - About.com

"...Dusted Angel are a solid band with a wealth of experience that more than pays off on Earth Sick Mind. They've played with Fu Manchu, Nebula, Saviours, Saint Vitus and Black Cobra, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Dusted Angel to any fan of those bands." - The Sleeping Shaman

"...it plays like math, jazz and head expanded paraphernalia in a post-Black Flag, post-90s, post-Kyuss, post-Helmet musicscape." - Stereokiller

"While Kyuss may be the dominant analog, there are other genre touchstones to be encountered as well. The vocal stylings and overall rock ‘n’ roll sensibility present are reminiscent of Kylessa while the more stonerish aspects call Karma to Burn to mind. Perhaps the most distinguishing element, though, is the hint of Baroness that peeks from behind the rock curtain at times." - Metal Reviews

Stay tuned for more updates on the album, the shows, the chaos, of DUSTED ANGEL.