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DREAMING LP out on The Skull Records!

After the release of the Split LP between SPANCER & VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED The Skull Rec. brings you another Doom Metal Highlight from Germany!

One of Germany’s longest running Doom Metal Bands return with a tremendous album! It took them seven years to record a follow-up to their highly anticipated debut album „Ty Voloey“, but what is time to us Doom Metal fans anyway. You can download the opening track „The Other“ from www.theskull-distro.de.vu ! Check it out! Music says more than 1000 words…


The facts: Limited to 350 hand-numbered copies. There are two editions available: 1. 180g vinyl; limited to 100 copies (13 Euro) 2. Regular vinyl (130g) (12 Euro) The CD edition will be released by psycheDOOMelic Rec. in June. Get in touch for more info!


Contact: theskullrecords@web.de  The Skull Rec. P.O. Box 120132 D – 90108 Nürnberg GERMANY


My homepage www.theskull-distro.de.vu  hasn’t been outdated for more than one year (except the Download section). There will be a new homepage installed within the following months.