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DREAM DEATH Planning Live Show

Dream Death, who pioneered crushing doom/death in the 1980's, are planning on doing a live show in early 2012. Just read what Mike Smail (Penance, Under The Sun) has to say:

"I'm giving everyone the head's up here with Dream Death. We've been jamming for the last couple of months and it's coming along pretty well. So much so that after blowing the dust off of things we're planning on doing a live "reunion" show with our old pals Doomwatch here in Pittsburgh. It will be just like the beginnings when it was just us two at the Electric Banana way back when. I'm still trying to finalize a date and venue, but it looks like things are shaping up for late Feb. - early March and I've been talking to Mr. Smalls Theatre.

I'll keep you all posted as things progress, but wherever this happens we're really looking forward to playing live again and making this happen. I've talked to Koz (Chris Kozlowski) and he'll run sound as well as record it to a multi-track for possible live release if we're tight enough, but I'm getting ahead of myself for now. From Brian, Terry, Rich and myself- looking forward to breaking out some DD again. It will span the whole catalog from the early demos to the record and the last demo........I'll keep you all posted henceforth". Peace, Mike