DOOMRAISER will release new 7"!

The 7" will be issued in combination with DOOMRAISER participation to the Doom Shall Rise, the most important doom metal cult-festival in Europe. Doom Shall Rise will be kept in Goppingen, Germany, from March 31 to April 1. The first full- lenght mixing job made at the Outer Sound Studios is ended under the supervision of Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre). A promo has been sent to all interested labels which previously contacted the band, while release date and the final label are not defined yet. However others interested labels may submit a request in order to receive the promo-pack, either to the Doll Work ( or directly to the band (

Next live dates are:

03/11/06 – Jail – Napoli

03/31-04/01/06 – Doom Shall Rise – Goppingen (Germania)

04/08/06 – Transilvania Live – Latina

04/28/06 – Thrash the Doom Festival - La Strada (Roma) + Grimness,

Misantropus, VII Arcano