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DOOMRAISER will release new 7"!

The Italian doom band DOOMRAISER, will release by mean of Oscura Release/Ghost Record a limited edition 7" containing the piece "The Old Man to the Child" part1 and part2.

The 7" will be issued in combination with DOOMRAISER participation to the Doom Shall Rise, the most important doom metal cult-festival in Europe. Doom Shall Rise will be kept in Goppingen, Germany, from March 31 to April 1. The first full- lenght mixing job made at the Outer Sound Studios is ended under the supervision of Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre). A promo has been sent to all interested labels which previously contacted the band, while release date and the final label are not defined yet. However others interested labels may submit a request in order to receive the promo-pack, either to the Doll Work (infodollwork@yahoo.it) or directly to the band (doomraiser@email.it).

Next live dates are:

03/11/06 – Jail – Napoli

03/31-04/01/06 – Doom Shall Rise – Goppingen (Germania)

04/08/06 – Transilvania Live – Latina

04/28/06 – Thrash the Doom Festival - La Strada (Roma) + Grimness,

Misantropus, VII Arcano