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Dirge merchants GNAW unleash 'This Face'

Gnaw present their debut album 'This Face', viciously assaulting listeners with their unique brew of ultra-depressive, scathing, slug-paced extreme metal. Formed in 2006 by Alan Dubin (ex-Khanate, OLD) along with Jamie Sykes (ex-Burning Witch, Thorr's Hammer, Atavist), Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter), Jun Mizumachi (ex-Ike Yard: 80's NYC industrial legends) and Brian Beatrice (Emmy Award winning sound design/mix wizard), Dubin thought it would be fantastic to collaborate with some of his respected musician/friends, all who have diverse music backgrounds to see/hear what would develop.

Gnaw's debut album 'This Face' is the sonic culmination of over a year of sound experimentation. It's a genre-destroying journey that almost defies description. Sykes is a percussive madman blasting out anything from tribal beats to ultra slow tom killings. Mizumachi is a sound designer for film and television and is a master of electronics including synth, factory noise, metal bashing and other craziness. Beatrice is also a sound designer and mixer for film and television and was responsible for mixing This Face, as well as experimenting and adding additional sounds of torture. Thornton is a crafty musician who actually makes his own instruments, contributing guitar, bass, piano and some unnamed homemade "things" to the album. Dubin rounds out the group with his gut-wrenching vocals, noise and arrangements. Screaming, singing, whispers and chants can be heard throughout This Face. Dubin's lyrics are vivid portrayals of all things bad.

This Face will be released by Belgium's Conspiracy Records on February 20, 2009.