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Diminished Fifth Records signs with Relapse

Diminished Fifth Records have just announced that they have signed on an exclusive distribution agreement with Relapse Records for distributing their catalog the United States.“Relapse Wholesale and Mail Order is proud to be working with Diminished

Fifth. Josh has some great projects on the horizon and we cannot wait to start working together on them.” says Brian O’Neill with Relapse. “Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about working with Relapse” commented Josh Hogan who runs Diminished Fifth “for over 15 years they have been providing the world with the finest extreme metal and to this day they work with many of my favorite bands. To be able to see my artists on Canada’s east coast distributed by my favorite label is incredible, it’s like the equivalent to opening for your favorite band.”

About Diminished Fifth Records:

Diminished Fifth Records is a lone voice that can be heard screaming loudly from Canada’s sheltered east coast. Passionate and filled with purpose, the label is on a mission to expose the seedy underbelly of Canada’s East Coast, a region which is all too easily recognized for traditional Celtic Music and Indie Rock.