DEVIL: New Album 'Gather the Sinners' In The Works

We're glad to announce that we survived this and last years festivals and gigs, and even though it was a blast all the way, we have now decided to focus on our next album which we've called 'Gather the Sinners'. It will be released once again on the fine label Soulseller Records, hopefully this year.

We are from now on concentrating fully on the album, and will therefore not be seen much on stage until late this year. However, we know that fans of Devil and 'Time To Repent' also will love 'Gather the Sinners', as it will be another trip down heavy metal memory lane, and the authenticity and evil cheerfulness is still very much represented.

To show you just what we're aiming at, we're proud to present a sneak preview filmed live at Roadburn of the song 'They Pale', which will be featured on 'Gather the Sinners'. We hope you enjoy this, and look forward to the album just as we do. Until we meet again and the case is released! Click here to watch 'They Pale' live at Roadburn Festival 2012.

Best regards,