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Devil Doll Records announces its Unsigned Program to help unsigned artists market and sell their releases through the Devil Doll Records Network.

Devil Doll Records has always supported unsigned artists. From its first release almost 10 years ago to the present, Devil Doll Records and This Dark Reign has either included these artists on their various compilation releases or through other means and mediums in an effort to support the ongoing UNDERGROUND music scene. To keep that support alive, Devil Doll Records has decided to take their Unsigned Program to a new level and now offer bands and artists the ability to potentially reach hundreds of thousands of potential music fans globally through their networks.


Currently, the Devil Doll websites acquire over 100,000 unique visitors on an average two week basis. That's a lot of traffic. The website does brisk online sales business and Devil Doll wants to offer its services to you, the unsigned artist or band.Not only can Devil Doll Records Online make your releases available tothousands of potential music fans on a daily basis, but they can also helpsolicit your titles through their distribution networks and potentially help to secure bands a record deal in return. Truthfully, the sky is the limithere and the potential to reach more music fans is up for grabs. All of this and it's non-exclusive!


What does Devil Doll Records get out of it? A percentage of the sale from each record you sell (think of us as a record store, but so much more) and a  nominal, one-time setup charge for building your artist page in their eShop.  Everything else is yours to keep and Devil Doll will even give you complete access to the people who buy your product to include in your future PR campaigns. There's also that warm, fuzzy feeling that keeps us going.


For more information and an overview of the program, please contact JOHN at Devil Doll Records directly via john[at]devildollrecords.com