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DEAN ALLEN FOYD: 'Road To Atlas' 10" EP Out Now

Crusher Records is very happy to announce the release of Dean Allen Foyd's brand new EP 'Road To Atlas'. Want a glance of the music? Check out their track 'Insects' here, taken from 'Road To Atlas'.


Swedish psychedelic rock band Dean Allen Foyd released their debut album 'The Sounds Can Be So Cruel' in March 2012.

The band is now digging even deeper into the psychedelic music with their brand new five-track 10-inch vinyl EP 'Road To Atlas', out March 1st 2013. On release date Dean Allen Foyd will start their three weeks tour criss-crossing Europe (all dates at this place).

Dean Allen Foyd is a Stockholm based psychedelic band with a wide range of music styles. Everything from garage, delta blues, folk and space-rock can be heard in their music. With influences like Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band you know you’re in for a serious psychedelic treat.

On stage Dean Allen Foyd plays a different set at each concert during which the songs change their arrangements, spontaneous improvisations alternate with lengthy organ and guitar solos and Canada-native singer and guitar player Francis Rencoret moves like a dervish in trance on stage.

The upcoming EP 'Road To Atlas' is recorded at the Royal Music Academy of Sweden and mixed and mastered at Fashionpolice Studios Stockholm.