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DAWN OF CORRECTION rises to mass appeal!

Heavy metal rockers DAWN OF CORRECTION, whose music has been described as "in your face, loud aggressive rock and roll with a foundation of old metal roots, such as Black Sabbath, Slayer and Pantera," is turning the rock world on its ear with the release of their new 5-track CD "Swingin' The Chain".

The band recently signed a management deal with Praying Mantis Entertainment, headed by music industry veterans Steven Cermanski and Chris Natalini. D.O.C.'s "Swingin' The Chain" has been receiving rave reviews and heavy airplay worldwide:

"Absolutely excellent!!!" - Autopsy Report Heavy Metal Radio

"It has a refreshing musical sense to it - a hybrid mix of different metal influences. The CD is killer!!!" - Audio Aggression Radio

"Heavy metal with an old school groove! D.O.C. has managed to unleash just that with this EP!" - Dark Cloud Radio

"This CD is badass!!!" - Tommy Conwell, 94-WYSP, Philadelphia


DAWN OF CORRECTION consists of Jeremy Tillotson (vocals), Mike Radliff (guitars), Rich Tornetta (drums) and Ech (bass). "The band was formed because the four of us live and breathe music," singer Jeremy Tillotson adamantly decrees, "not to set any trends…strictly for the love of music!"


D.O.C. will be playing New York's legendary CBGB's on Dec. 18, 2005, and then headlining at Philadelphia's Trocadero on Dec. 22, 2005 with the following acts - Armed n' Dangerous and ThrodL. The concerts, which are being promoted by Praying Mantis Entertainment, promise evenings of blistering, ear-splitting, extreme rock and roll! (www.thetroc.com)

For more information:

www.rockindocstyle.com, www.myspace.com/dawnofcorrection

Praying Mantis Entertainment:

www.myspace.com/mantisentertainment , www.myspace.com/stevethemantis