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DARSOMBRA’s House Burglarized, Band’s Equipment Stolen

Eclectic, free-form duo DARSOMBRA regretfully announces that their Baltimore home was invaded this week, the doors kicked-in and ALL of the band’s gear and equipment stolen! The band is devastated, as everything they use to construct their incredibly unique audio/visual works has been lost in this act of human gluttony. The band is reaching out to the public for help in tracking down the perpetrators or at least the gear.

From Darsombra:

“Hi friends. We are saddened to report that our house in west Baltimore city was burglarized between 1pm-3pm on Wednesday May 29, and almost everything that we use to make our art was stolen. This is the latest and most complete version of our missing stuff (including some serial numbers where we could find them). If you see any of these items please contact us at www.darsombra.com.

- 1987 Gibson Les Paul Custom electric guitar (serial number 82317558) white (faded to cream color) finish w/ black pick guard, gold hardware including Schaller strap lock buttons (stolen with strap attached), no pickup guard on treble pickup, without case (pic included)

- late 90's/early 2000's era 8-string Rickenbacker bass - black w/ white pick guard, no cover on treble pickup, silver hardware including Schaller strap lock buttons (stolen with strap attached), without case (pic included)

- 2005 Gibson Les Paul Studio baritone guitar (serial number 00055528) sliver finish w/ silver hardware including Schaller strap lock buttons (stolen with strap attached), without case (pic included)

- 2005 Ernie Ball Music Man bass guitar- flat black finish w/ silver diamond plate pickguard, silver hardware including Schaller strap lock buttons, without case (pic included)

- Yamaha acoustic guitar - black, without case

- classical guitar - wood finish, without case

- Rikki Ram student model sitar

- 1930s-era Vega 4-string tenor banjo without case

- Canon Rebel T3i digital SLR camera with a cracked viewing screen

- NEC NP215 projector attached to a small piece of plywood

- 2008 iMac desktop computer

- 2011 Macbook laptop computer (serial number D92GCJRJDRJ7)

- Iomega desktop external hard drive without stand or power supply

- Epson RX595 printer

- tripod

Please repost if you want to help. Thanks.”


Following releases on At A Loss, Public Guilt, Underradar and others, DARSOMBRA signed with Exile On Mainstream for the release of 'Climax Community'. The three tracks on the LP traversing forty-five minutes of the outfit’s unique, slow-building, organic transcendental rock. Brian Daniloski, a veteran of heavier, sludgier, grittier rock bands such as Meatjack and Trephine, controls the sound of DARSOMBRA, alternating between mammoth vocal swells and soundscapes and searing guitar riffs, leads, loops, and samples, combining elements of metal, psychedelic rock, experimental/drone, prog and krautrock.

But there is more than just Daniloski’s sonic world at play here as video artist Ann Everton takes his work to the next level by bringing her DARSOMBRA-induced visions to the stage through her kinetic psychotropic video projections, creating a constantly shifting backdrop to Daniloski’s live performances.