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DARSOMBRA - album and tour updates

DARSOMBRA's 'Eternal Jewel' CD on Public Guilt is now available at www.darsombra.com. This disc will not be in stores until April 29th.

'Eternal Jewel', the second full length album from Baltimore's Brian Daniloski, is a mix of improvised and structured recordings primarily composed on the baritone guitar. The tracks are best described as equal parts doom, psychedelic experimentation and 20th Century composition. From powerful and doom drenched sections to minimal and shimmering to aggressive rhythms that sound like a pounding string section, 'Eternal Jewel' is some of the strongest material yet from DARSOMBRA.

The packaging for this release features letter-pressed metallic silver ink on thick black gatefold sleeve with a six panel, art only booklet with two mixed media pieces by artist/package designer Stephen Kasner. Check out the full layout on DARSOMBRA's Myspce.
DARSOMBRA will also be touring in April to promote the album; all tba dates listed are still open. If you'd like to book a show email: booking[at]darsombra.com You'll find the dates in the 'US-tourdates' section!