CURSED: The end… Help out to restore their faith

As news travels fast most of you should have heard by now that CURSED, on their 2nd to last show of their very successful European tour, got robbed from all their tour money. Money they needed to pay their van, their planetickets and their merch. Apparently someone, in the AZ Mullheim, Germany, got his way into a locked room and stole the bag that had the money, being over 8000 euros, passports and some personal belongings, leaving the band not only with debts but most and for all a feeling of total despair. The band played, as what to appears, their last show the day after in Amsterdam, Holland....

We, as their European label, have never ever asked anyone to help out financially, and even though we have lost a fair amount of money as well, won’t do that now either. What we however are not afraid to do, is ask to help out CURSED. And although, Chris Colohan, the singer and spokesman of the band is very clear on their website about the (non-existing) future of CURSED, we feel we should do whatever we can to at least try and give them back a sense of hope and faith in the hardcore and punk community.

If you have a a few bucks, or maybe even a good amount, you can go to This is Chris' other band and on their myspace is a Donate button. We also have leftover merch for sale in our online store, we have their new album available. And some other goodies…. We would kindly ask you to pick up something from this incredible band and in that way help them out.

We've heard some plans from people doing benefit shows and what not, but nothing is certain yet. If anyone has suggestions or can help out (REALLY help out... Right now, words on the internet, no matter how well-meant, don’t mean much….) please get in touch!

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