Cruz Del Sur Music To Re-Release WHILE HEAVEN WEPT's First Two Albums

We have heard your calls! After the incredible response to WHILE HEAVEN WPT's brand new album 'Vast Oceans Lachrymose' - which continues to receive the very highest of accolades worldwide - Cruz Del Sur Music, as well as the continued demands from their audience, have finally convinced the band to reissue their long out-of-print past albums 'Sorrow Of The Angels' and 'Of Empires Forlorn', each in limited-editions of 1000 hand-numbered CD's!

This is a rare opportunity for everyone who missed these masterpieces of epic doom metal history the first time around to buy these at new-release prices (as opposed to the outrageous amounts these albums sometimes fetch on eBay). Both albums feature updated cover art, new pictures, and new liner notes from main man Tom Phillips. The audio content is identical to the original Eibon Records (Sorrow Of The Angels) and Rage Of Achilles Records (Of Empires Forlorn) releases so as to preserve the integrity of the original albums.

These reissues will be strictly limited to 1000 copies, with absolutely no re-pressing whatsoever at the request of WHILE HEAVEN WEPT themselves. Both albums will be released simultaneously on the 29th of January 2010, just in time for the bands' appearance at the Hammer Of Doom III festival in Wurzburg, Germany on February 6th.

Sorrow Of The Angels:

* Originally released in a limited-edition of 1000 CD's via Eibon Records in 1998

* Out-of-print completely since 1999

* Features updated cover art, new pictures, and liner notes

* Hand-numbered limited edition of 1000 CD's

* Includes the bands first mega-epic, the 17 minute "Thus With A Kiss I Die" Tracklisting: 1. Thus With A Kiss I Die (16:58) 2. Into The Wells Of Sorrow (9:43) 3. The Death Of Love (9:56) 4. September (2:21)


Of Empires Forlorn:

* Originally released on Rage Of Achilles Records in 2003

* Out-of-print since the demise of Rage Of Achilles in 2004

* Features updated cover art, new pictures, and liner notes * Hand-numbered limited edition of 1000 CD's

* One of the most highly regarded releases of 2003

* Includes "The Drowning Years," "Soulsadness," and "Voice In The Wind"

Tracklisting: 1. The Drowning Years (5:41) 2. Of Empires Forlorn (7:49) 3. Voice in the Wind (6:25) 4. In Aeturnum (7:30) 5. Soulsadness (7:24) 6. Epistle No. 81 (3:24) 7. Sorrow of the Angels (4:47)