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CRUZ DEL SUR label update

PHARAOH will finish their new album

PHARAOH has completed the mixing of its third album, entitled 'Be Gone'. Like its critically-acclaimed predecessor, 'The Longest Night', the new album was recorded with Matt Crooks at MCR Studios in Manassas, Virginia. 'Be Gone' will now be mastered by Colin Davis of Imperial Mastering for a worldwide March release via the leading traditional heavy metal label Cruz del Sur Music. As a special treat for fans (and, it must be said, for the band themselves) the track "Dark New Life" features guest guitar solos from Mark Reale and Mike Flyntz from RIOT. Jim Dofka also appears for the third time on as many PHARAOH albums, contributing his extraordinary guitar chops to the song "No Remains". A release date, song samples, and cover art for Be Gone will be revealed in the coming weeks.

PHARAOH will celebrate the new album and its ten-year history by performing live for the first time ever at Keep It True X on April 5, 2008, at Tauberfrankenhalle, Lauda-Königshofen, Germany. The festival is completely sold out as of September. For the occasion of their first live show ever, PHARAOH will be on stage with an extraordinary line-up featuring Hunter Ginn (CANVAS SOLARIS) on drums and  guitarist Matt Crooks (DIVISION) as the second axe! To complete the news, we have finally a release-date which is set for the 24th of April 2008. Nevertheless a digipak limited edition will be released for the Keep It True festival, including an exclusive embroidered patch!


DANTESCO sign with Cruz Del Sur
We're very happy to announce the signing of Puerto Rico’s most famous metal band, DANTESCO! DANTESCO plays a very distinctive blend of epic doom metal, imagine something in between Candlemass and Mercyful Fate and you'll get the idea! Add to this the evocative voice and presence of one of the most peculiar and respected figures of the heavy metal movement, Erico La Bestia … And there you have it! DANTESCO’s offering, something absolutely unique that real heavy metal fans cannot miss!

The band will self-release its second album 'Pagano' in Puerto Rico while Cruz Del Sur Music's edition will have two exclusive bonus tracks and will be released on the 24th of April 2008. DANTESCO will tour Europe during April 2008 and Cruz Del Sur will release a limited edition slipcase and embroidered patch in time for their appearance at the Greek festival Up the Hammers and Keep It True festivals.


BATTLEROAR enter studio
Greek Epic metal’s heroes BATTLEROAR are actually in the recording studio, completing the recordings of their third album 'To Death and Beyond'. Greek comic artist (Conan Greek edition) John Rubulias has been hired for the artwork, expect a real epic metal artwork! The album will see the light on the 24th of April, and although the band’s is working against time, we're sure they'll make it! Also in this case a Limited digipak edition will be released in time for the Up The Hammers festival, including a bonus track  and an exclusive embroidered patch!


IGNITOR with new line-up
Many of you already were aware that after the release of 'Road of Bones', IGNITOR was hit by two departures that inevitably put on ice their live-activity as well as the composition of new material: first left singer Erika, then it was the turn of guitarist Annah Moore. The band started looking out for replacement and the first, great result is that the search of a new guitarist has ended, having original guitarist Beverly Barrington rejoined the band!  “We're excited about "re-igniting" the sparks of inspiration for songs like Demon Slayer and Last King Tiger” affirmed drummer Pat Boyle, expecting some good news on the vocal-front by the end of January. Stay tuned!

CRESCENT SHIELD is working on new album

LA’s CRESCENT SHIELD is working on the follow-up for their great late-2006 release, 'The Last of My Kind'. The new album will be released by Cruz Del Sur after summer 2008, but some details are beginning to be unveiled such as that the album will be entitled, 'The Stars of Never Seen', and Gerry Alanguilan (Marvel/DC), after the excellent result of his cover-illustration for 'The Last of My Kind', will be again responsible of the artwork.


PURE STEEL RECORDS signed contract with CRUZ DEL SUR

Some of the most outstanding CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC bands will soon meet  our old, beloved VINYL format! First of all IGNITOR’s 'Road of Bones' will be released in April by the German vinyl label High Roller Records! We also proudly want to let you know that Germany's Pure Steel Records and Cruz Del Sur Music have signed a contract about co-operating in different ways in the future! That means that Pure Steel Records has acquired the rights to release on some superb Vinyl editions most of the great stuff which was released by Cruz Del Sur Music! The first results of this partnership will be the release of CRESCENT SHIELD's The Last Of My Kind and PHARAOH's 'The Longest Night 'on April 4th. Both albums will be released in a double gatefold edition and will be available at Keep It True Festival this year!  For more information visit: www.high-roller-records.de, www.puresteel-recods.com


New forum

Did you knew we have set a forum on the prestigious UltimateMetal.com for you all to discuss about our bands and read the reviews of our releases! Check it and feel free to visit and talk with us at: www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/cruz-del-sur-music-363/.
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