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Crusher Records: News from DEAD MAN, TROUBLED HORSE and SPIDERS

Hi folks,

we’ve got a few interesting news for you all:


First, we are very happy for HORISONT as they will support the legendary PENTAGRAM in London, England, 9th December later this year. So mark that date in your calendar now.

DEAD MAN tour Europe

Also, DEAD MAN are heading out on a European tour starting by the end of September. You can find the complete tour schedule here: http://bit.ly/oekiJk

TROUBLED HORSE in the studio

TROUBLED HORSE are in the studio recording their debut album, which we are very much looking forward to. Their debut 7-inch released last year is now available on Spotify, so check it out: http://bit.ly/n8ohRe 

SPIDERS release & re-release

SPIDERS are having a new 7" released on the 26th of August on De:Nihil Records. The sleeve is looking great and the tunes sounds awesome. They’ve just started taking pre-orders. I recommend you to grab one fast because the rumors say they’re already almost gone! Get it here: http://bit.ly/nOmsaE

Since the SPIDERS’ 10-inch EP sold out in just about a month we’re releasing a re-press, with changes, of this killer record on the 2nd of September. More detailed information will follow shortly.

Kind regards

Peter Carlsson